Our Testimonials


I joined Sisters Support Africa in 2020 during the pandemic. It was very hard to get through life and be motivated to do anything positive. Sisters Support Africa gave me a reason to live again. I’m grateful for the mentorship I have received from my leader. I am now a private English tutor and also I have been given the opportunity to represent Sisters Support Africa in local community conversations that bring about positive change. 


My name is Nancy and I am 30 years old from Lagos. I joined the best family in the world - SSA in the year 2020 during the COVID pandemic, after getting introduced by one of my friends. Since I have joined, I have never looked back. SSA did not only give me hope in the time of my depression during my stay at home but it encouraged me to be a better version of myself. I have had 1:1 mentorship with my leader. I call her PK and it has really helped my confidence levels and my leadership skills at work. She has taught me how to become excellent in everything I do. I love my leader so much because she isn’t someone that just talks things but she is a dower. I have learnt that whatever I set my mind to do, I have the ability to achieve. I am limitless. My community doesn't define me. I define my community. Giving to my community is something I love doing and now I have had the opportunity to inspire other young people who can join our platform and learn from my mentor and I can teach others what she taught me. I am grateful for the support Sister Support Africa have given me towards starting my own business . We spread love by giving to others and we have fed thousands upon thousands of people and we will continue to help people. There has never been a movement that young people help young people. This is the first ever movement to do this!


My name is Esther Jack Akpan and I’m from Akwa Ibom State. I'm 31 and a member of SSA, Nigeria. Sisters Support Africa  has opened my mind to possibilities that exist within me.With the support of SSA, I became more innovative; finding a problem in society and solving it. This has helped me in entrepreneurship. This platform allowed me to pitch my business idea and I was supported by the leadership of Sister Support Africa by giving me a grant to help with my skin care dreams. I was also able to launch out other businesses because of the financial support I received. I started to believe in myself and in my capabilities. Through the insightful teachings I'm also able to lend and be a helping hand to humanity whenever and wherever I find myself.


Sisters Support Africa is a platform that has provided support, mentorship and training opportunities to me. And this has helped my self development in becoming the woman you see today. I am still growing and I know if I stay under Sisters Support Africas mentorship I will become the best version of myself.


The Sisters Support Africa platform has been a family that supports me through Mentorship. I joined at the time I had challenges in my career and I had the opportunity to speak with my current mentor. She has been able to encourage me to not give up and be hopeful, especially being a single mother. This has given me strength to pursue my dreams. We have had CV workshops to prepare me for the working world and now I have so many job opportunities and while gradually building my business by the side. Through this group we have had discussions on how to build ourselves and be relevant in the global market as professionals. Due to this I was able to enroll in a short course on coursera for a topic called Drug Discovery, Drug Formulation and Drug Commercialization which I just rounded off. This is meant to boost up my profession as a Nurse who is tending towards preventive drug formulation. I am glad I'm a part of this great movement and I hope to be more involved in humanity as Sisters Support Africa brought out this part of me.


My name is Nwiimene Nekabari Dorcas and I am 24 years old from River State. I joined the Sisters Support Africa in 2022 and it has taught me what it means to impact, never give up and to constantly chase your dreams. In a country like Nigeria it is very hard to believe that you can become anything in life as a youth but a platform like Sisters Support Africa teaches you that you can become anything you want to be in life. This platform teaches you to believe in yourself and in your innovations. Because of Sisters Support Africa I will make it in life.


Sisters Support Africa have really made a great impact in my life as a young female. I never thought I would ever go to university as my family didn’t have enough money to support my education dreams. So I was always down. I met PK who gave me hope again and she believes that I will become the best in my field. I used to love reading but because I thought I would never go back to school I stopped as I was depressed. PK gave me confidence again and I’m back to my reading and teaching the younger ones around my areas how to read and write. Myself and PK are currently looking for the best universities in Lagos that I can apply to this year 2023 to start my university degree in Nursing. I’m so grateful for the help and confidence my family Sisters Support Africa is going to young people like me.


Sisters Support Africa has been a platform that has been instrumental to my growth. I can express myself, share ideas and feel welcomed. It has given me the boldness to start my business and to finish university. I would recommend this platform to anyone who wants to become their best self. The SSA group has been a motivator to people around me. Sisters Support Africa has really made me a CHANGE AGENT.


My full name is Apete Doom Dorathy from Abuja and I’m 29 years old. I must say I commend my leader PK who constantly mentors many young girls through our calls which has given me the opportunity to meet so many new people I now call sisters. Our Instagram page has constant motivations which means even the days I feel down I know where to get some motivation.This group is educating, inspiring, lots of networking and I hope to give back to the group as well as the society in my own little way.


Since joining the Sisters Support Africa family it has given me the courage to do many positive things in my community. I’m happy to be part of the family.


Sisters Support Africa have really helped me to think beyond the box, to be selfless and to be a giver. I could remember one of the food outreach we had in 2021. All I could give out to the community is my time in sharing the food items,I was so fulfilled seeing smiles in the faces of those people. Sisters Support Africa gave me that opportunity to serve...In the aspect of teaching and mentorship pastor Kate and pastor Tobi is doing a great job in making the youth a better version of ourselves in making our community a better place and the most important part of it is that...They don't just teach it, They do it ( giving back to the community is their motto, seeing others happy makes them satisfied) It a privileged to be a Sisters Support Africa under the mentorship of pastor Kate..I'm growing🪴 and becoming a better version of me  everyday,I'm happy to be here...


My name is Homachi Ozoemenam. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Rivers State. Joining the Sisters Support Africa group has just been inspirational. Just seeing so many people willing to impact our country Nigeria positively. I feel like I fit it because I can relate to so many of the young people on the platform.


Sisters Support Africa has helped to see a better future and also given me the opportunity to self develop as a young woman. I have just gotten a new job as an Admin Manager and will be starting university in September 2023. I have learnt to give back to my community and constantly be the change I want to see.


Christianah Morah, she didnt have any source of livelihood . She was introduced to the nxtion family. she joined the Elite family 2022. she is now a CEO and currently about to attend a Culinary school starting September 2023. she is currently serving within the food and cleaning department in Elite.Through mentorship she started a company called “Mo Sweetness (Pastries and Confectionery)”


Chinaza (Naza), 15 years old : currently taking her Exam , Elite family sponsored her and paid for her final year school fees and exams. she is now a CEO and currently about to attend a Culinary school starting September 2023 and university. she is currently serving within the food and cleaning department in Elite. She is a Leader. (Elite Lagos Nigeria team Assistant).